Red Light Therapy

These special LED’s are clinically proven to safely reduce pain and inflammation fast, but users tout a number of other benefits from improved sleep to reduced anxiety and depression. 

In addition, LED lights have also been shown to help with hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, and help reduce acne. This soothing treatment stimulates collagen production while giving you an overall beautiful glow.

At Larimar, we love the impact the TheraLight 360 system has on the health of our customers, either as a part of a larger wellness plan or biohacking regiment. Red Light Therapy sessions are typically just 5 – 20 minutes long, but can have lasting effects which can help alleviate a number of health-related problems. Interested in incorporating this tool in your wellness routine?

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Below are some of the many benefits of the TheraLight 360 Red Light Therapy:

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